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Make remote work

with richer, easier, more comfortable remote & hybrid collaboration.

How Tangle Works

A more human way for teams to communicate, remotely.

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Frictionless Speech

Speak to your colleagues just like you’re around the same desk - Tangle channels conversations between participants without so much as a click or button to push.

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Interactive Avatars

Avatars let you know who’s around, who’s chatting, and team patterns like coffee breaks or busy periods - without recording a second of video.

App Extensibility

Make your apps work for you - “Hey can you hop in a meeting?” With your teammate’s approval, “Sure,” Tangle will bring you both into the video chatroom.

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“This brings the human quality to remote work.”

Loni Williams

UX Researcher, Twitter

“Tangle is perfectly simple. It takes all the hassle out of collaboration.”

Edmund Johnson

Senior Director, Streetworks Development

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Our Team

William Mitchell

Co-Founder & CEO


Nathanael Ngbondo Koweda

Co-Founder & CTO


Nima Samiei

Software Engineer

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