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How to Use Tangle

Learn to Tangle.

The Desk

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Your teammates will appear around the desk. They'll turn to each other when speaking, and highlight when speaking to you.

Use CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Arrow Keys to move the desk on your screen.

The desk will remain on top of your other windows. It's click-through, so it will not impede the use of buttons or features in the windows underneath it.

Manual Controls

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- Click & drag to move the controller around the screen

- Mutes your microphone (only in Tangle, will not interfere with videoconferencing)

Do Not Disturb

- Blocks all incoming conversations

- Click to manually start conversations

End Chat
- Click to manually end chat

- Click to minimize the control box


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In the lower right corner of your desktop, click the upward arrow ^ next to the clock, then locate & right click the purple Tangle icon.

Most importantly, you'll be able to adjust Tangle's voice sensitivity. If you are using a headset, we recommend selecting 'High'. For in-built speakers, select 'Moderate'.

Setup & Team Management

Learn about how you can set Tangle up and how you can effectively manage it.

How do I sign my team up for Tangle?

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Please click 'Try Tangle for Free' and enter your email. An invitation will follow with instructions.

How do I install Tangle?

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1. and run the Tangle installer.
2. When the window below pops up, click 'Sign in with Google'. This will take you to a new browser window to sign in with your invited email address. 

3. Your browser will prompt you to open the app - click 'Open Tangle'.
4. The window above will show your assigned team. Select it and press 'Launch Tangle'.
5. You will be greeted by a cursive 'hello' in the upper right corner, which will turn into your team desk. 
6. Tangle is now ready to use!

How do I manage my Tangle team?

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Right click the Tangle icon in the tray (click the ^ next to the clock on the bottom right of your screen) and sign in with your linked Google account.

How do I join a team that I’ve been signed up for?

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Look out for an invitation email to your designated Google account from Tangle ( Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.


Learn how to chat with your colleagues on Tangle.

What do I say to chat with my teammates?

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Just use a teammate's name or nickname and a normal conversation starter. Tangle will connect you automatically. Here are some examples:

'Yo Jesse'
'Hey Jesse, how are you?'
'Hey Jesse, got a second?'

When you address the whole team, your colleagues will hear the address but you won't be pulled into a conversation. Here are some examples:

'Good morning everyone!'
'Happy Friday folks!'
'I love this team!'

This doodle will appear under the desk to let you know Tangle is queueing your conversation.

Can I speak to more than one person?

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Certainly! When you're in a conversation, simply click the "add person" button on the far right of the controller to add a colleague to your call.

How does Tangle know a conversation is over?

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Simply say “Bye bye” or press the phone icon in the call controller.

How do I create nicknames for my teammates?

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You can assign nicknames to team members specific to your relationship (think Andy calling Jim Halpert 'Big Tuna').

These can be adjusted in the team management page, which is accessed by right clicking the Tangle icon in the taskbar, and selecting 'Team Management'.


Learn what Tangle avatars indicate.

How do I move the avatars?

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Hold CTRL+SHIFT+ALT + Arrow Keys to move the desk among the 4 corners of your screen. Tangle is click-through, so no matter where you move it, it won't impede any buttons underneath.

How do I know who’s around?

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Each avatar represents a member of your team. When your teammates are available in Tangle, they will appear at their designated spot around the desk. When they’re not available, that spot will appear empty. 

What are those halos on the avatars?

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They show you that your teammates are chatting. When you’re talking to a teammate, they’ll see the same thing on your and your partner’s avatar.

2 Groups of Teammates in Conversation


How Tangle protects your privacy.

What if I don't want to talk?

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Simply click the Do Not Disturb button on the controller. This will block all incoming communication, and show a moon over your avatar to your teammates, indicating your DND status.

What do I do when I’m away from work?

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No need to do anything specifically, Tangle will cease all functions when you're away or inactive. Feel free to exit in the tray (next to the clock in bottom right) by right clicking and pressing ‘Exit’

Does Tangle record my voice or what I’m saying?

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No, Tangle does not record your conversations. Rather, it transmits your encrypted voice over a VoIP telephone call (like What'sApp).

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